Calabasas, CA (December 14, 2018)

The Femmes Phoenix of Malibu lost their homes in the Woolsey Fire but not their spirit. On Monday morning, five women embarked to Calabasas from their temporary residences in Malibu, to partake in a morning of healing and pampering at award winning Salon Nuuvo in Calabasas.

“Each of these women lost far more than is listed on insurance policies … their houses were havens for their multi-generational families. They were organic farms; they were art studios; they were spa retreats; they were Airbnb’s; they were pop-up restaurants…More than mere property and material assets, these women lost their homes, their heritage, their livelihood, and their identity’ – said Bibi Jordan.

Sponsoring this event was Raychel Harrison and Salon Nuuvo, her award winning ‘team-based’ salon in Calabasas; known for their excellent hair services and high customer satisfaction.

“The Woolsey fire affected our team and many of our clients, so we truly feel passionate about doing all we can to help our community get back on their feet. When I was notified of this situation, I immediately offered my salon and team for this empowering initiative,” said Raychel. At the same time, Raychel felt it was the appropriate time to officially launch her non-profit foundation Hairdressers Helping Humanity.

Working with Raychel, Bibi Jordan, (a photographer / writer and Woolsley fire victim), captured the day on film and camera, with plans to turn the experience into a documentary, showcasing the women rebuilding their lives and rediscovering their roar.

“Providing these women with a photograph that captures their enduring beauty and strength, whilst in the midst of the ashes can turn their trauma into a transformational experience,” said Bibi.

“More than a beauty salon, Salon Nuuvo is a sanctuary for clients to escape their world, finding comfort and relaxation while having their services. The Salon’s culture of excellence, teamwork, and giving back, made it the perfect partner for this project,” Bibi commented.

“Hairstylists are really passionate about giving back, so my focus is centered on galvanizing hairstylists nationwide to give back to their communities. As a team-based salon, we’re able to pull together and work as a team to give back. I am really happy we were able to transform these women, helping them begin the healing process” said Raychel.

Fox News 11 sent a camera crew to capture the events, and the story appeared on the channel news program all morning.